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What is glamping and why should you try it?

We have recently come across the term glamping, and once we found out what it is, we immediately searched for glamping places around us. We had a fantastic experience, and we wanted to share more about what glamping is about and also, why should you try it.

So, what is glamping?

Glamping is a mixed word made out of glamorous and camping, put together.

The activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home. Imagine glamping in a carpeted tent with a comfy queen-size bed.

Glamping is a more luxurious form of camping, where you have all the amenities needed, while still being able to enjoy the nature. Typically, you would stay in a tent that includes a bed, nightstands, power outlets and a fully-equipped bathroom.

Why should you try glamping?

Glamping is for everyone. Maybe you are a big fan of camping, but you don’t have all the equipment needed in order to do this regularly. Or maybe you are traveling, just as we are, and you want to emerge yourself in the nature instead of staying in a hotel. Finally, maybe you are a big fan of luxury, but cannot really afford to pay 300 USD/night to stay in a fancy hotel.


No matter which of the above preferences you have, glamping is the answer. Going glamping saves you all the time needed to put up your tent for the night and then taking it down in the morning. Glamping also saves you a lot of space, as you don’t need any camping gear. You no longer need to worry about having a bad night’s sleep on lumpy ground or about weather conditions. Finally, glamping helps you connect with nature and travel in style.

Our glamping experience

We found a great glamping place in Xpu-Ha, Riviera Maya. It was about 20 minutes by car from Playa del Carmen. It was situated in the jungle, within walking distance from the beach, so we were able to enjoy both.

Glamping Amenities

Serenity Luxury Camp included a restaurant, a swimming pool, a yoga tent and a beach club. We also experienced the best service ever while being here.

The food and drinks were absolutely delicious, and it was beautiful to enjoy them in the garden by the pool. The swimming pool was perfect for refreshing during the hot weather.

Glamping accommodation options

In terms of accommodation, we had three options to choose from: garden view-tent, king-tent and superior double tent with jetted tub. All accommodation options included a large bed, night stands, power outlets, wardrobe, a table with two chairs, Wi-Fi, bathroom, A/C and a small patio. All rooms have breakfast included, but guests can also opt for an all-inclusive option.

Our room

We chose the superior double tent with jetted tub. Apart from the fully equipped bathroom that included a ceiling shower, we also had a jacuzzi tub on our patio. We took a long bath in the morning, while experiencing the sounds of the birds and the beauty of nature.

Overall experience

We really enjoyed our time glamping. It was amazing to be able to disconnect from our daily routines, and enjoy the nature. We relaxed by the pool, walked through the woods and went to the beach to experience a beautiful sunrise. During hatching season, one can also find big turtles on the beach at night.


Glamping is a great experience that everybody should try at least once. Whether you are a big fan of camping, or you prefer luxury hotels, glamping is the perfect match. Glamping brings you the beauty of nature, while not having to worry about amenities or gear.

Have you ever been glamping? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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