Our Journey Begins in Bucharest

Welcome to Travel Unicorns, the hub of our adventures as a digital nomad couple. Our story started in Bucharest, Romania, where we united over a shared dream to explore the world.

Transitioning to Nomadic Life

Our leap from traditional careers to a nomadic lifestyle began with our respective roles in product management and web development. This shift marked the start of our journey from a regular 9-5 to embracing the digital nomad life.

A Union Celebrated Twice Over

We celebrated our love with two weddings, in Mexico and Romania. These events symbolized not just our union, but also our commitment to a life of adventure.

Embracing New Beginnings

The year 2019 brought unexpected changes, propelling us into our year-long journey across continents, starting in February 2020. We embraced these changes as opportunities to fulfill our travel dreams.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

When the pandemic struck, we found ourselves adapting in Chile. Rather than returning home, we chose to stay and make the most of this new reality, marking a significant phase in our lives as a digital nomad couple.

Our African Road Trip

Our adventure continued with a 9-month journey through the diverse landscapes of South-East Africa, filled with awe and discovery.

Exploring Asia: Our Current Chapter

Currently, we’re traversing Asia, sharing our experiences as digital nomads. This chapter is rich with cultural encounters and serene moments.

Empowering Digital Nomads and Leisure Travelers

At Travel Unicorns, we cater to both digital nomads and those seeking stress-free vacations. We provide comprehensive guides and itineraries tailored for various travel styles. Whether you’re working remotely or simply exploring, our resources are designed to enhance your travel experience.

Why Choose Travel Unicorns?

Do you remember that trip that made you feel so good that you trained your mind to never forget it? That’s what we strive to offer at Travel Unicorns. These are the moments we live for and want to help you collect!

Meet Julie

The Organized Explorer

I’m Julie, the organized force behind our travel escapades. With my background in project and product management and digital leadership, I turn our travel dreams into reality. Having visited 83 countries, my journey reflects a blend of meticulous planning and a thirst for adventure.

The travel unicorns slow-travel digital nomad couple
The travel unicorns slow-travel digital nomad couple

Meet Chris

The Creative Maverick

I’m Chris, the creative and technical genius in our duo. Balancing a full-time role in development and a passion for photography and videography, I bring our travel stories to life through innovative solutions and artistic flair.

Join Our Continuing Voyage

We invite you to join us on our journey. Through our blog and destination guides, we aim to inspire and assist fellow travelers and digital nomads. We’re excited to share every step of our unique travel journey with you.

The travel unicorns slow-travel digital nomad couple

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