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Rio Carnival 2020 – the most amazing experience

In this article, we will describe our experience at the Rio Carnival 2020. Scroll down to find out more.

We made new friends

One morning in the favela while we were having breakfast, we started talking with some of the other guests. There was one lady from Asuncion, Paraguay, with her son, one American guy who works in the Marines 5 months per year, and the rest he spends around the world volunteering, and one gay couple from Spain who was on vacation.

Laura Ramirez, the lady from Asuncion, was very friendly and nice, and when she heard we will be in Asuncion in a few days, she offered to take us around. It’s incredible how you make these kinds of connections while traveling!

Rio Carnaval – Grupo Especial

We went to the finals of the Rio Carnival where we saw the best schools in Samba parading. It was a truly unique experience filled with energy, music, and color. However, pictures speak better than words, in this case, so we will show you some below.

Compared to sector 12, in sector 6 things are different. It’s full of people, and more than half of them seemed to be tourists. You are closer to the alley, you have a full view of it, but there are no screens. In front of us, there was an American couple. The sociable Franz also took notice of them, telling them about his vast experience with the Rio Carnivals.

the sambadrome at Rio Carnival finals 2020

During a pause between parades, Chris asked American Todd if he wanted us to join him when he went for a smoke as he was always going alone. Very excited about our offer, he started to tell us more about him. He was from California, had a Romanian girlfriend in the past, and had the impression that Daniela is a super common name for Romanian girls and even asked Julie if her name is Daniela. He was with his new girlfriend at the Rio Carnival.

He already had a few beers and asked us to help him if I saw he couldn’t move down the steps. He was fun and full of life, enjoying every moment of the carnival, and even shared with us his life advice:

rio carnival fun 2020

Live in the now and travel as much as possible. – American Todd

After that, he said he might marry his girlfriend that night. Good luck Todd!

We also had a stressful experience in Rio, if you want to know more 🙂

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