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Our relaxing chaos in Montevideo

Uruguay was an interesting experience for us. Find out below why we consider this journey to be chaos in Montevideo.

We landed in Montevideo in the evening and took an Uber straight to the Hostel we booked. At this destination, we had to work a lot during the day but we also managed to relax during the evenings.

We met great people

The volunteers working in the hostel were very friendly and nice. Among them, there was Vivian, a Brazilian English teacher who came to Montevideo to learn Spanish, two other volunteers from Brazil, and one girl from Chile. We spent two of the evenings with them drinking in the hostel and we had a great time. 

The funniest moment was when Vivian tried to teach Julie how to dance a Brazilian dance. It was hilarious, especially that Julie was a tiny bit tipsy.

Work, Work, Work

Montevideo represented also a very stressful time for us because Chris had a deadline and was working most of the day and Julie, well, I got ambitious and wanted to catch up on the blog writing. However, after one full day in the hostel, we decided to use the following evenings to enjoy the city and only work during the day. We worked about 8 to 10 hours a day and forced ourselves to go out and enjoy the city despite the exhaustion we felt.

The Food

As two gourmands, we had to try the Uruguayan specialties, among them being the Chivito – a huge sandwich that contains anything you can imagine and the Revuelto Gramajo – a large portion of fries mixed with ham, onions, cheese and more. 

We also tried two of the traditional desserts, Chaja and Massini. The interesting thing is that both use vanilla and peach syrup at their base, but they look and taste completely different. If you’re ever in Montevideo you can try these desserts at Palermo Viejo Restaurant.

The street art

Even though I also mentioned it in the some of the best things to do to relax in Montevideo, I cannot help but mention again how beautiful are the streets of the city due to all the creative art on the buildings. It was also very interesting to find street theater during the evenings in some places.

The sunsets

Our favorite activity in Montevideo was to watch the sunsets from La Rambla street – a 22-kilometer road along the coast. We did this almost every evening as we could never get bored of the amazing view.

Did you enjoy our relaxing chaos in Montevideo story? Comment below and tell us what other things should we cover in our adventures.

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