Our first story should be about someone special

We kept thinking over and over about what should our first blog story be. Should we write about our current travel destinations? Should we write about our first trip together? Should we write about travel in general? And then it struck us… 

we wouldn’t be living this adventure if it wasn’t for the most important people in our lives. 

Because we wanted our first blog post to be special we decided that it would be about friendship - because if it wasn’t for our friends and family, this blog wouldn’t even exist. Even more, there is no doubt that our friends and family are truly amazing and writing about them is the least we can do to show them how much they mean to us.

We have been lucky enough to have so many friends, all so different. But what unites them is the love they have for us. We feel the same and we appreciate it dearly.

Why are they so special to us? Well…it all started a long time ago in galaxy far far away.. when Cristi proposed to Iulia and we started to plan our wedding in Mexico. 

Don’t get us wrong, many of our friends have been there before but we believe that the entire wedding process and planning that lasted for about two years truly solidified our (group) connection.

Right after the proposal

Right after Cristi proposed, two notable things happened.

  • Iulia’s mom organised a family reunion to celebrate the engagement. Both families including Cristi’s sister Ana, made a truly beautiful welcome back / you got engaged mini party and filled the house with decorations. At this point we felt overwhelmed with joy because our families were so happy to see us getting engaged.
  • We chose our wedding godparents - who were Iulia’s boss at that time, Marius, and his beautiful wife Daniela. They made us extremely happy by accepting to embark on this lifetime adventure with us.

The wedding in Mexico planning

As Iulia fell in love with Mexico’s beaches when she visited in 2013, she said that if she’ll ever get married it will be in Mexico. So Cristi made it happen.

All of our friends took their roles seriously. They have been standing the bridezilla and the groomposaurus through good and bad and traveled all the way to Mexico to be part of this wedding. They even organised some great parties for each while in Mexico.

The wedding in Romania planning

This one was even harder to plan but again all these amazing people, and some more (coming up) stood by us during the wedding hurricane.

All the wedding party jumping near the pool

After the wedding

This was the moment when we started expressing our desire to leave everything and start travelling. Even though our friends and family have always been supportive, we think that they never truly believed us until we bought the tickets.


Because our friends mean a lot to us, it was so difficult to say goodbye. And even if they were sad too, they have been as fantastic as always and organised the best surprise farewell party and gift anyone could ever get - a video of best wishes for us.

The entire "FaMilea" at the Farewell Party

And because we miss them dearly (and also they all insisted) we created this blog so that they can keep up with our adventures BUT also that they get the courage to start travelling as well. 

With us. As the biggest nomad FaMilea that ever existed.

This story is for you!

  • The Soroceanu Family - for always supporting Iulia’s crazy ideas.
  • The Milea Family - for being there even if we know it is difficult.
Milea and Soroceanu Families at the wedding in Mexico
Andreea, Ana & Diana at Ana's birthday party
  • Ana Milea - for helping us pack, organize the trip and Social Media.
  • Andreea Sandru - for organizing the farewell party, the Social Media feeds and resoponding promptly to our messgaes even if we are on the other side of the world.
  • Diana Mirea - for your love and support - then and now.
  • Catalina Tatarus - for being there, a warrior as always, for us and with us.
  • Roxana & Cristi Tirse - for choosing us to be your godparents and for being so kind to us.
Catalina and us on Iulia's surprise yacht birthday party
Dany & Marius, our godparents
  • Marius & Dany Raducanu - for always being there for us, understanding us and accepting us as crazy as we are.
  • Andreea & Doru Radu - for all the help and support before and during our travel and for all the shisha and wine we had and will have:)
Andreea & Doru, los padrinos de Mexico
Laura, Alex and Savin at their non-traditional beach wedding
  • Laura, Alex, Savin - for all the encouragements, advice and love you gave us.
  • Anicel & Calin - for always making all the efforts to meet and be together. Then and in the future:)
  • George Draghiciu - for being a great friend and help to us in the past years, we left a part of us with you so that you never forget us.
  • Liviu Tureac - for being there for us unconditionally at any time.
  • Asi Luntraru - for showing us that nothing can bring you down
Ana, Anicel, Calin, Catalina, George, Andreea, Liviu & Asi at Iulia's surprise yacht birthday party
With Sorina and Andrei at Rares's Baptism
  • Sorina, Andrei & Rares - for being so understanding and supportive of all our ideas and for always making time to see us during our crazy schedule. For not judging us and for letting us be Rares’ godparents. We love you dearly and we are always there for you.
  • Vlad & Sabina Pahontu - for always giving a new perspective on things (Vlad) and for such an understanding, great friend and Romania bridesmaid (Sabi).
With Vlad and Sabina at our Wedding in Mexico
Calin, George, Dragos, Doru, Liviu at Chris's bachelor party
  • Dragos Vlad - for making our lives a bit more difficult every time - but we know that deep down you love us.
One of our crazy boardgames nights
  • Razvan Udrea - for showing us that work can still be fun.
  • Bibi & Gabi - for bringing new sounds to our ears from last summer and on.

We love you from South America to Romania and back,
for an infinite number of times.

Now, let’s get this adventure started!

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