About the Travel Unicorns

Travel Unicorns Love Julie & Chris

We are Julie & Chris, a pair of newlyweds who decided to go against the social norms after getting married in order to start traveling. 

More about us and our travels

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, we've been a couple since September 2015. We got married in Cancun in November 2018 and in Bucharest in July 2019. What really unites us is the fact that we always, always want to grow. We want to get better at what we do, we want to learn new skills, try new experiences despite our fears of the unknown. We both love food and wandering around, taking pictures, and enjoying sunsets.

We started our one-year Round-the-World trip on the 17th of February 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We plan to visit as much as possible from South America and then move on to Asia or Africa.

Why we created this blog?

First of all, we are very keen to show that everyone in this world can travel, no matter the circumstances. We want to open the world of travel to the ones who are like us - young couples who want to ditch their 9 to 5 jobs, and are keen to discover the world. So we will do our best to bring tips and tricks from our travels that we hope will help everyone will get the courage to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and fall in love with travel as much as we are.

Secondly, we wanted to publish a travel journal of our personal travel adventures so that our friends and family stay updated and follow us wherever we are.

We want to show you that if you really want something, you can achieve it!​

Why Travel Unicorns?

Well, do you remember that trip that made you feel so good that you train your mind to never forget it? You created for yourself an anchor of joy in time. For example, I cannot forget the sand on the beaches of Aruba. It was a first in life sensation like I was walking on flour. The sand back home wasn't that soft, so, by comparison, it created a unique emotion for me. Whenever you get around situations that remind you of that unique feeling, your subconscious pops out that memory and your joy meter goes up a notch. We call these travel unicorn moments, and we want to collect a lot of them!

More about Julie

I love finding new experiences to enjoy. I traveled the world by myself in 2013, when I was only 20 years old and fell in love with travelling. I believe travel is the 'school of life' because you learn so many skills - from communication, to new customs, to new languages and ways of thinking and living, and you make so many friends on the way!


My personal objective?

When I was 21, I challenged myself to visit 80 countries by the age of 30. I am now at 63 and counting :)

More about Chris

I am one of those people who always wanted to travel but never got the courage to do it. This was until I met my wife, who was so keen on doing everything in order to travel. Soon enough it got contagious and made me want to discover more of what the world can offer. However, I was more concerned about the financial aspects "how can you travel so much on a low budget?" But Julie showed me how, and now we are going to show you it's possible! If we did it, anyone can!

My personal objective?

The one I keep mentioning is to stay alive during our travels so that we can travel more! However, my lifelong dream is to develop my own apps while traveling the world.